Scientists against plastic

Transregional technological platform for transfer of advanced bio-polymers from lab to market.

BioApp is collaborative project between Slovene and Italian organisations aiming to establish sustainable flow of information among stakeholders included in the production of products made out of innovative biopolymer material with high added value and a corresponding development of services focused on the needs of the food, cosmetics and health-related industries in the cross-border area between Italy and Slovenia, in order to increase the level of competitiveness and stimulate economic growth for new employment opportunities.

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Recent work

We join research ideas for the development of advanced biopolymers, smart materials from biomass, which could contribute to the reduction of single use plastic waste.

Biodegradable films from chitosan with added plant extract

Natural “zero-waste” packaging

Antimicrobial membranes and coatings


  • modification and characterisation of biopolymers
  • biopolymer process optimization
  • biopolymer valorization
  • biopolymer scale-up
  • preparation of end products from biopolymers
  • technology transfer
  • project management
  • marketing strategy

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